Bulgari Aqva Pour Homme

Product experience

A digital experience  to dive into and reemerge from the Bulgari AQVA world.

Water and earth: two opposite and complementary elements chosen by Bulgari to represent their new fragrances AQVA AMARA and AQVA POUR HOMME. The relationship between these two elements inspired the interface concept, where water and earth meet in a parallax animation movement.



Methaphora ADV

Concept - UX design - UI design  - Development  - Consulency

CCS Design Awards 
French Design Index 

Launch project


Art direction & crafting

An immersive interaction to introduce the new two Bulgari perfumes collection products, emphasizing the natural element from which they take inspiration and shape: water and earth. The main concept inspired us to design an original interaction using videos, images and typography creating an emotional passage between the nature of the elements and the product.

A complex CGI work allowed us to integrate the video contents, already produced by the brand, with new 3D elements, specifically built for the desired interactions.


Thanks to its particular interactions and the creative use of the videos inside the experience, AQVA received  many accolades.

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