Heineken Match Your Half Ticket

Digital activation

Take a journey to find the other half of the ticket and win the UEFA Champions League.

“Match your half ticket” is the name of the digital activation we created for Heineken for the occasion of the UEFA Champions League 2014. Our challenge was to involve the customers through a quick and smart game, playable on all devices, based on the international campaign concept “the man of the world”. In the game, participants were asked to find the other half of the ticket, travelling virtually around the world and proving their passion for football.




Consultancy - Concept - Project management - UX design - UI design - Frontend development - Backend development - SMS integration - System integration - Customer service

Game mechanics

The game logic is simple. The player can join the contest using the product codes printed on the Heineken packs. The first step is the “instant win”: each user could win immediately one of the many prizes by just entering the product code. After the instant win, the player was given an aerial view of one of the competition stadiums and were invited to guess the correct name in a short period of time.

By answering questions correctly players would earn other small pieces of the missing half of the ticket. Once completed, they would be entered in the final prize draw: a real ticket for the finals of the Champions League in Lisbon.
In accordance with the project KPI, in order to guarantee the widest distribution possible, customers could play the game on desktop computers, mobile devices and also using SMS.

Google Maps API integration

To improve the user experience, the whole game was developed using real data from GoogleMaps, from the satellite views of the stadiums to the animation frames.

An adaptive design that follows the brand’s international guidelines.


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Every action must be measured

A completely custom dashboard, personalised on the project KPI,  allowed the constant monitoring of the whole operation. How many players  played the game? How many played from a desktop? How many from a mobile? How many prizes were distributed each day? How  many users joined the contest by SMS?