One network, one design philosophy

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Boffi DePadova network

One network, one design philosophy. Boffi | De Padova represents the highest solutions for integrated interior design. The group's portfolio consists of five brands: Boffi, De Padova, MA/U Studio, ADL and Time & Style edition, each with their own identity.
This mini-site was commissioned by Boffi to capitalize the value of the network by enhancing the philosophical vision and aesthetic affinity of this piece of history of contemporary design, together with the production and design capacity testified by several private and contract case studies.


Boffi DePadova network

Consultancy - Concept - Project management - UX design - UI design - Frontend development - Backend development - Crm integration

VueJS + NuxtJS - TailwindCSS - PostCSS - GSAP - LazySizes plugin - WordPress APIs - WebP - SwiperJS



The structure of the site is designed to assist the visitor in understanding this "perfect history of architecture and contemporary design", where different brands, united by a single philosophy, have sought and found each other to complete themselves and offer something unique.
Scrolling through the home page, chapters reveal the history that characterizes the network; through micro-animations, parallaxis and shaders, pictures come to life and enrich the user experience, guiding the visitor to discover the numerous and prestigious private and contract projects carried out all over the world.


Visual language & UI

The visual language enhances the identity of the brand through the management of grids, space and typography, each view frames and enhances the visual content.

Attention to the details

Interaction design choices are inspired by the philosophy of the network, where the attention to the details underlines the design choices by harmonizing a modern and minimalist aesthetic with the functional and emotional aspects. The careful use of animations aims to give to the site a contemporary appeal in line with the positioning of the brand.